Salesforce Data Cloud Services

Reach Genuine 360-Degree Customer Insight, Enabling Personalized, Scalable Engagement with ABSYZ’s Salesforce Data Cloud Services

Experience Salesforce Data Cloud services
in a way you've never imagined

Map Data into a User-Friendly Model:

Identity Resolution and Profile Curation

Segment and Activate

Analyze and Understand

Product Modules for the Salesforce
Data Cloud

Data Ingestion and Transformation

Streamline data intake with built-in bundles for rapid ingestion from Salesforce C360. Clean and enhance your data using a wide array of transformation functions, ensuring data quality and readiness for advanced analytics and marketing campaigns.

Identity Resolution and Profile Curation

Achieve a 360-degree view of your customers by resolving known identities using email, phone, and other identifiers. Craft unified customer profiles by reconciling data from various sources, including Sales, Service, and Commerce Clouds, enhancing personalization and marketing precision.

Segmentation and Activation

Easily create segments for Individuals, Households, and Accounts, fostering precision and agility in your marketing efforts. Leverage on-the-fly aggregation and intelligent analytics powered by Einstein AI to personalize content across all channels, delivering optimal customer experiences and higher engagement.

Data Analysis and Insights

Gain actionable insights by defining multi-dimensional metrics such as LTV and CSAT at both individual and audience levels. Seamlessly integrate your data with Tableau for comprehensive data exploration and use the Data Query API to extract and analyze aggregated profile data for rich, data-driven decision-making.

Transform Your Business Today with Salesforce Data Cloud Services. Explore the Future of Customer Engagement and Data Insights. Contact us to get started!

ABSYZ Leverages Salesforce Data Cloud
with These Products / Industry Applications

Data Ingestion and Transformation

Identity Resolution and Profile Curation

Segmentation and Activation

Data Analysis and Insights

Integrations & Tools
ABSYZ Utilize

We Have A Strong Team To Simplify The Implementation
of Salesforce Data Cloud!

Data Cloud Consultant

Data Cloud Developer



Salesforce Developer



Integration Architect


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