Salesforce Health Cloud

Discover ABSYZ’s forefront technology solution tailored for healthcare professionals with Salesforce Health Cloud.

Distinctive Advantages of Salesforce
Health Cloud

Multi-Sector Capability

This system caters effectively to various healthcare sectors, such as providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and public health organizations, offering a comprehensive solution for all stakeholders.

Patient-Centric Focus

This system prioritizes patient well-being and satisfaction in its design and functionality. It enhances the patient experience through streamlined scheduling, access to medical records, and improved communication with healthcare providers.

Data Model Centered

The system's architecture revolves around individual health and well-being, providing personalized services, supporting clinical decision-making, and enhancing care coordination among healthcare providers.

HL7 FHIR Standards

The system adheres to HL7 FHIR standards, ensuring compatibility and interoperability with various healthcare systems and applications, fostering seamless data exchange, and promoting a cohesive healthcare ecosystem.

Role-Based Connectivity

This system is designed to facilitate multiple connections for patients and providers based on designated roles and relationships, enhancing communication and collaboration within the healthcare network.

Product Module Benefits with ABSYZ : Empowering
Healthcare Across Sectors

Provider Module

Payer Module

Pharmaceuticals Module

MedTech Module

Public Sector Health Module

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Unlock the Boundless Possibilities of Healthcare with Salesforce Health Cloud Services!

Here are some products and industry applications from
ABSYZ that leverages the Health Cloud

Integrations & Tools
ABSYZ Utilize

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Salesforce Health Cloud Platform!

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