Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

The Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Solutions from ABSYZ are designed to enhance customer-centric operations.

A complete business process solution from
Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Transparency Resulting in Operational Excellence

Enhance visibility with Sales Agreements, providing a unified view of terms and real-time back-office data. Tailor metrics for comprehensive account insights, shaping a holistic view of your business and operations.

Holistic Business Insights

Introducing Account-Based Forecasting, driving collaboration across sales, operations, and product teams. This central platform merges sales agreements and opportunities to refine revenue and volume forecasts, offering a unified view of run-rate and net-new business.

Empowerment through CRM Excellence

Embrace a manufacturing-focused CRM, empowering account teams with real-time insights, collaborative tools, workflows, and AI-driven intelligence. Actively manage customer relationships and foster growth with a 360-degree view.

Instant Insights for Empowered Action

Effortlessly link stakeholders for instant online collaboration. Utilize AI-driven insights on account health, customer value, pricing, and more. Empower teams with timely data for impactful on-the-fly decisions.

The Manufacturing Cloud adds industry-specific capabilities to
Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

Manufacturing for Sales

Manufacturing for Service

ABSYZ Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Services can transform your manufacturing business. Get a customized solution from us today!

ABSYZ Industrial Use Cases

Integrations & Tools
ABSYZ Utilize

We Have A Strong Team To Simplify The Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Platform!

Manufacturing Cloud Specialist

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