Transforming Healthcare: Enabling 360° patient care


Leveraging-Salesforce-to-boost-insurance-enrollment-page-image One of Asia’s leading hospital chains has been in operation for 23 years, specializing in paediatric and OB/GYN care. It is known for its comprehensive healthcare services and fulfilling the dreams of parenthood. Their dedicated team of doctors and medical personnel delivers a wide range of services, including intensive care, multi-specialty care, and advanced treatments. They prioritize the care and well-being of your little ones at every stage of their journey, offering compassionate and comprehensive healthcare. Despite all the good work that they do, the hospital still faces challenges while trying to offer a better experience to its customers. Many of these are due to disjointed software systems and unintegrated automation.
Currently, the hospital utilizes Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to monitor sales agents’ performance and manage appointment scheduling for effective customer engagement. However, the interdependence among various medical services, and the lack of coordination between the systems is impeding the ability to leverage Salesforce clouds for achieving optimal outcomes. Taking into consideration the scale of their operations – 16 hospitals, three clinics, and over 1,655 beds – this means that it becomes difficult for them to engage with customers effectively and deliver value throughout the treatment lifecycle.
This white paper highlights the need to address the fragmented nature of medical services, streamline customer engagement, and enhance the utilization of Salesforce clouds to maximize the benefits and effectiveness of medical treatments.
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