Bulk Import Email from Gmail to Salesforce

Bulk Import Email from Gmail to Salesforce

Use Case : Customer needs to import all emails along with attachment from their Gmail account into their Salesforce org.

Problem: Currently, there is no way to mass-import emails within the Salesforce User Interface

Resolution: We are going to export email into MBOX format.Then using python script we will generate CSV and using data loader we will insert email into Email Message object in salesforce.


1.Python 3.X should be installed in Local system.

2.Data loader.

Step 1:

  • Go to https://takeout.google.com/
  • Sign In to Gmail Account to extract Email.
  • Check Mail and select the labels to extract all the related Emails.


Click create Archive to download MBOX file.


Step 2:

  • Place the MBOX file and Python script in a same folder.
  • /*** Rename the MBOX file to Sample.mbox***/.
  • Get python script from this Github link Python Script
  • we will get 2 CSV files ( emailMessage.csv, attachment.csv ) as output along with all the attachment files.
  • Message-Id column in  emailMessage.csv will act as unique id for each message.
  • If there is any attachment, we can find in  attachment.csv file. Each attachment will have message Id to signify this attachment belong to which email.


Point to Note :

In attachment.csv file, Body column prepend the current file path with file name(already present).


Step 3:

  • Create Custom Fields in Email Message object to store Message-Id.
  • Insert emailMessage.csv using Data loader into salesforce.
  •  In success.csv file we can get Message-Id and corresponding Salesforce record Id.
  • In attachment.csv file get the parent id based on Message-Id using VLOOKUP.
  • Insert attachment.csv using data loader.
  • we can find Attachment under Email Message related List.

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