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Salesforce is dedicated to ensuring top-notch security and performance for its customers through cloud-based software and robust technologies. With over two decades of experience storing data for thousands of companies, they realized the need for digital transformation. To meet this demand, Salesforce introduced Hyperforce, a public cloud architecture enabling rapid global expansion.

Hyperforce represents a shift in infrastructure, moving from physical resources to a code-based implementation. This allows Salesforce to swiftly deploy its platform and applications worldwide, providing customers with more options and control over data residency. In essence, Hyperforce reinforces Salesforce’s commitment to meeting automation needs promptly and supporting business acceleration in an ever-evolving market.

In what ways does Hyperforce help?

in what ways does hyperforce help​

1) Increase growth in new regions:

Hyperforce can quickly activate a new presence in the country where public cloud infrastructure exists. Hyperforce will partner with public cloud providers to unlock new global geographies and capabilities.

2) Handle your mission-critical workloads:

With Hyperforce, you get a global infrastructure to provide high availability for your cloud workloads. A multi-availability zone (AZ) distribution model gives you high availability in case a significant failure occurs in one of the zones.

3) Improve Regional Performance:

Regional cloud offerings allow faster in-country performance and shorter routes between end users and data centers, resulting in a better user experience. 

4) Receive the latest and greatest from Salesforce with speed:

Infrastructure as code provides quickly repeatable deployments and speeds up the developer experience. The Salesforce Platform is designed to deliver secure and scalable products with greater agility.

How does Hyperforce help the UAE?

how does hyperforce help the UAE​

Let us understand how Hyperforce helps in the banking, security and healthcare industries in UAE by extending its capabilities to provide the best in class service for overall business growth:


Scalability and Flexibility:

Hyperforce allows banks to scale their operations seamlessly to accommodate the growing demands of the dynamic financial landscape in the UAE.

Its flexible architecture enables banks to adapt efficiently to regulatory requirements and market conditions.

Global Accessibility:

With Hyperforce, banking institutions in the UAE can provide secure and reliable services globally, enhancing their reach on an international scale.

It ensures consistent performance and user experience for customers accessing banking services from various locations.

Data Security and Compliance:

Hyperforce offers data security features in the highly regulated financial industry, ensuring compliance with local and international regulations.

Banks can confidently store and process sensitive financial information, adhering to uncompromising data protection standards.


Centralized Security Management:

Hyperforce provides a centralized platform for managing security protocols, making it easier for security teams in the UAE to monitor and control access to systems and data.

It enhances overall security by enabling real-time threat detection and response.

Secure Collaboration:

Hyperforce facilitates secure collaboration by offering encrypted communication channels and document sharing for security-focused industries, like defense or critical infrastructure.

Teams can collaborate while ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of information.

Compliance Tracking:

Hyperforce supports tracking and managing compliance requirements specific to the UAE security landscape.

It helps organizations stay up-to-date with evolving security standards and ensures that their systems and practices align with local regulations.


Interoperability and Integration:

Hyperforce supports seamless integration with various healthcare systems and applications, promoting interoperability among healthcare providers in the UAE.
This interoperability enhances the exchange of patient data, leading to improved healthcare delivery.

Patient Engagement:

Healthcare providers can leverage Hyperforce to enhance patient engagement through personalized communication and access to medical records.

The platform supports the development of patient-centric applications that facilitate appointments, telemedicine, and health monitoring.

Data Privacy and Compliance:

In the healthcare sector, data privacy is apparent. Hyperforce helps healthcare organizations in the UAE maintain compliance with data protection regulations.

It ensures that patient health information is securely stored and processed while adhering to the local healthcare data privacy laws.

Why ABSYZ for Your Hyperforce Journey:

Salesforce conducts Org Migrations to support growing businesses and enhance customer performance. This process ensures agility, execution, and resource balance within the Salesforce infrastructure. During migration, the org moves seamlessly if best practices are followed. For migrations to Hyperforce, the in-app Hyperforce Assistant helps check prerequisites and ensures a safe transition.

With over ten years of Salesforce expertise, ABSYZ excels in implementation and migration, particularly in Hyperforce. Their framework includes:

1) Assessment and Planning:

  • ABSYZ assesses current Salesforce environments to tailor migration plans.
  • Strategic planning minimizes disruptions during migration, ensuring pre and post-checks for smooth operation.

2) Customized Solutions:

  • ABSYZ offers dynamic, agile solutions aligning with current needs and future aspirations.
  • Consultants understand and tailor solutions for Hyperforce migration, preserving business processes through the transition.

3) Seamless Transition:

  • Utilizing Salesforce checklists, ABSYZ ensures necessary changes for a smooth transition.
  • Expertise gained from previous migrations facilitates a hassle-free move into Hyperforce.

4) Post-Migration Support:

  • ABSYZ commits to ongoing success with post-migration support, training, and optimization services.
  • The team ensures businesses continue reaping the benefits of Hyperforce in real time.

In the digital transformation era, ABSYZ positions itself as a Hyperforce expert, ready to guide businesses through complexities with precision. The decision to migrate to Hyperforce is a strategic imperative for staying ahead in today’s evolving digital landscape. ABSYZ emphasizes real-time responsiveness as businesses adapt and thrive in the Hyperforce journey.

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