Salesforce Experience Cloud Features & Its Benefits

salesforce experience cloud features

Salesforce Experience Cloud, formerly known as Salesforce Community Cloud, is built on Salesforce to develop next-generation digital experiences. Salesforce Experience Cloud is an extension designed to interact with key stakeholders such as customers, partners, and employees, aiming to improve sales, enhance service, market services more effectively, and gain better control over the stakeholder ecosystem.

In this blog, let’s delve into Salesforce Experience Cloud features and explore its benefits

What is Salesforce Experience Cloud?

The Salesforce Experience Cloud serves as a Salesforce social digital experience platform that empowers businesses to foster connections among customers, employees, and partners while crafting tailored experiences to harness the platform’s capabilities. Experience Cloud enhances engagement among stakeholders by furnishing cohesive communities designed with a user-centric perspective in mind.

The Experience Cloud facilitates seamless business interactions with customers and partners, streamlining deal closures and real-time task completion. Moreover, communities can be personalized with branded themes to align with business preferences. For further insight into the benefits and utility of Experience Cloud (SFEC) for enhancing organizational performance, reach out to our Salesforce Experience Cloud consultants. Don’t hesitate to contact our consultants today for more information.

Why choose Salesforce Experience Cloud?

With the Salesforce Experience Cloud features, we can create user-friendly, feature-rich brand new sites for various purposes such as increasing sales, providing seamless customer service, promoting products and services, and engaging with customers/partners. Experience Cloud empowers you to seamlessly integrate with third-party applications already utilized by your business, guaranteeing a smooth and interconnected experience within the Experience Cloud ecosystem.

why choose salesforce experience cloud

Building a community with the Salesforce experience cloud is an excellent choice if you are looking for a customer 360 view, customer-centric support, and comprehensive solutions to streamline business processes. You can use a mobile device as well to connect with your business Experience cloud to connect from anywhere and any device.

Salesforce Experience Cloud features & key benefits

Salesforce Experience Cloud features are designed to create and manage user-centric portals ensuring security and performance. One can create multiple portals with different sites for different purposes or business needs.

Customization can be done on each portal to make sure business processes have customer-centric support and personalized customer experience. Lightning Web components can be used to build custom components for functions that are not provided by Salesforce out-of-the-box features. Features like external authentication for users can also be configured to provide the best personalized experience making sure robust communities are built using Experience Cloud.

Demo of customization of each section in each page.

Source: Salesforce


Help customers find what they need faster with relevant content and intelligent recommendations. Connect anyone to groups, experts, and content based on their interests, needs, and behaviors — all with an AI-powered website builder. Experience Cloud automatically suggests connections to experts, groups, and content.

Customization and Branding

  • Choose a template that works right out of the box. Customize it fast with clicks, not code. 
  • Pick a mobile-responsive theme that fits your brand. 
  • Create simple-to-use environments that are an interactive extension of your brand.
  • Brand your site with a logo
  • Build using existing themes to boost the development.


Collaborate anywhere, from any device. Access digital experiences through the Salesforce mobile app or from any mobile browser. Deliver responsive digital experiences across any device with powerful mobile collaboration tools.

salesforce experience cloud open for business

Source: Salesforce

Lightning Bolt

With Lightning Bolt, we can build fully branded, mobile-optimized communities that are completely integrated with your business process — lightning fast. Prebuilt Bolt solutions jump-start the creation of new communities and next-generation portals.


Users can follow updated topics on relevant conversations. Access all information with auto-generated topic pages. Collect discussions, files, groups, and experts into a single page.

Business Integration

Deliver intelligent, relevant experiences with all data in one place. Customers can create and escalate support cases. Partners can update opportunities and qualify leads. Employees can access and share files.

Multiple stakeholders can view data from a single source and collaborate faster and better by creating multiple portals for them. Data can be fetched from multiple sources and can build a view to give insights in that information.

Salesforce Experience Cloud advantages

Any business contains multiple departments dealing with sales, services, and many other integral parts. Using Experience Cloud aka Community Cloud businesses can build portals for Sales, Services to those Sales, and promote products and other services thereby providing a 360-degree view of a customer.

Experience Cloud is a go-to solution to enhance and streamline various business processes by building various communities with Salesforce using industry best practices. Below are the in-detail advantages of Experience Cloud.

  • Create, customize, and maintain different communities for company customers, partners, and key business needs.
  • With salesforce out-of-the-box templates, layouts, and standard and custom components it became even easier, streamlined, and faster to build a productive and stable site.
  • Salesforce is one of the best platforms when it comes to cloud platform security. Organizations or Users can be assured of a high level of security of the data against unauthorized access. 
  • With Experience Cloud CMS there is no need to duplicate your content to deliver it to all of your sites. You can reuse the content you’ve already created by setting up connections to bring content from your external CMS into the particular site.
  • Users can see all types of reports and dashboards to track and analyze the business progress. 
  • This platform can help users deliver customer service, increase sales, and promote products or services for better customer engagement.
  • Using Content management systems (CMS) in Experience Cloud you can have a centralized place to create content in multiple places and also update it when needed
salesforce experience cloud communities


Who uses Salesforce Experience Cloud?

Any business that needs to manage multiple stakeholders such as partners, customers, vendors, etc. can use Experience Cloud to connect, build, and constantly communicate with each other continuously increasing the productivity of the business.

 Experience Cloud is a super-solution to attend to all your business needs in a single place building portals for various sets of users seamlessly connecting on a single Salesforce platform.  

  • Businesses have extended processes with partners, and customers providing them with everything they need in a single place to enhance their productivity.
  • To improve customer experience and build a marketing place to interact with customers, partners, and other stakeholders to get crucial feedback on products 
  • Businesses that need help centers to constantly be in touch with customers, in the meantime promoting products and services.


Experience Cloud catalyzes streamlined implementation processes, strong customer engagement, heightened security protocols, increased productivity, and collaborative endeavors. Salesforce Experience Cloud features empower businesses to elevate customer support and enrich the overall customer experience, ensuring enduring connections with customers and clients. Our tailored Salesforce Implementation Services are designed to optimize customer engagement, facilitating the establishment of a distinctive corporate identity.

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