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A strong, high-performing Salesforce team is crucial for profitable growth in the current competitive enterprise environment. However, acquiring and retaining top talent can pose a significant challenge, especially in a competitive market like Dubai. In such cases, opting for a Salesforce staff augmentation services provider can be a suitable option. Specifically, you could enhance the capabilities of your Salesforce team and lead your enterprise to new heights.

We at ABSYZ, a highly desirable Salesforce staffing services provider in Dubai, acknowledge the importance of an effective Salesforce group in today’s highly competitive enterprises. Recognizing the demanding situations in expertise acquisition and retention, ABSYZ offers dynamic Salesforce staff augmentation services. This permits organizations to strengthen their team talents strategically, enabling them to reach new heights of performance and achievement. In the rapidly evolving realm of Salesforce implementation, ABSYZ stands as a reliable partner, helping Dubai-based organizations prepare for the future with a proactive approach to Salesforce staffing.

Salesforce Staff Augmentation Services from ABSYZ: Who are we?

ABSYZ is among the top Salesforce partner companies, offering dynamic Salesforce solutions from consulting to implementation and managed support. We also specialize in supplying Salesforce staff augmentation solutions to organizations with demands for filling permanent or temporary positions within their organization. Our strategic partnership allows businesses to quickly fill talent gaps and scale up their teams without going through traditional hiring processes.

Staff augmentation services at ABSYZ are exclusively designed for Salesforce CRM, ensuring access to highly skilled professionals. These experts fit effortlessly into your team and contribute to helping you achieve or exceed your targets.

ABSYZ’s Staff Augmentation Capabilities

absyz staff augmentation capabilities​

Why ABSYZ for Salesforce Staff Augmentation

  • Sales, Service, FSL, Commerce, Experience, CRM-A, CPQ, Industry Cloud & other experienced resources
  • At least 2X Certified Resources with relevant Project Experience, all internal.
  • 2-4 Week Lead time to Deploy Resources (Onshore/Offshore), 8-10% Bench Strength
  • The Median Tenure of our Employees is 4 years. Higher Retention ensures Business Continuity 
  • Low Cost, High-Efficiency Blended Onshore Offshore Model
  • 15-20% Cost Savings compared to Large IT Players

Salesforce-Certified Talent at ABSYZ

salesforce certified talent at absyz​

The ABSYZ Approach to Staff Augmentation

the absyz approach to staff augmentation

The Benefits of Salesforce Staff Augmentation Services

1) Get Linked with the Best Salesforce Consultants

The best part about opting for Staff augmentation for your Salesforce team is that you can get high-level consultants on board. Companies such as ABSYZ are rich in highly skilled and experienced professionals who have gone through rigorous vetting, training, and certification processes. You will be at an advantage if you engage with a good staffing agency for Salesforce companies since they offer you a wide variety of options.

2) Cost Effective Approach

Recruiting and training new employees can take time and effort. Since the staffing agency conducts these activities, it lowers the costs of recruiting as well as training. Furthermore, this makes it cost-effective regardless of your business scale since you pay only when services are provided.

3) Adaptability and Expandability

Staffing requirements change when businesses either grow or change their operations. Therefore, using staff augmentations enables any enterprise to adjust its workforce size accordingly whenever necessary. In particular, this is useful during periods of increased workloads or seasonal changes. The workforce can be added or reduced without following the traditional hiring procedure, which is expensive.

4) Pay attention to Key Business Functions

Choosing a staffing partner for your Salesforce team can save your company’s resources and concentrate on its core business functions. The staffing agency handles all the administrative work, such as payroll and benefits, thus leaving you with space to drive your business forward.

5) Enhance Team Productivity and Efficiency

Staff augmentation can significantly enhance the productivity and efficiency of your teams by providing access to high-level salesforce consultants and the ability to scale up or down. Skill gaps are filled, and team capabilities are increased, thereby enabling you to undertake more projects in a shorter time frame.


ABSYZ understands that having the right talent is a priority in moving business forward. We are aware of the challenges of maintaining an efficient Salesforce team, so we recommend joining forces with us. We are one of the key players in providing Salesforce Staff Augmentation Services, specifically in Dubai. This partnership will help make you more productive and enable your drive toward success. At ABSYZ, we are committed to helping you realize and surpass your business objectives. For inquiries, write to us at marketing@absyz.com or Visit www.absyz.com to know more about us.

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