Salesforce NET ZERO CLOUD Towards Zero Implementation


Climate change is referred to as one of the most dangerous things in the world because it is affecting the environmental conditions of the earth. It happens due to internal and external factors. This has become a global concern for most companies, which are now adopting sustainable ways of developing things and making them safer for all beings. In particular, Salesforce has entered a new realm of capturing data, especially with a new Sustainability Cloud. Here the data can be structured according to the business needs. It helps understand the organization’s impact they are making on the environment and reduce the carbon footprint they have on the planet. Capturing the data here is a cumbersome task involving a lot of manual work that needs to be done. Instead, we made a proof of concept on automating the capturing of the data from an organization’s various industries and storing them in a cloud to make it more manageable and organized; that leads to great insights with the help of the standard reports and dashboards the Salesforce provides.
Net Zero Cloud is a commitment by Salesforce to achieve Netzero greenhouse gas emissions from its cloud computing operations. The initiative’s goal is to reduce its cloud infrastructure’s carbon footprint by making its operations more energy-efficient and relying on renewable energy sources. This aligns with Salesforce’s broader sustainability efforts and its aim to be a carbon-neutral company by 2040.
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