5 Most Important Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features

5 most important salesforce marketing cloud features

Salesforce Marketing Cloud stands out as the best automation platform, boasting the most extensive features, it provides deep insights into customer journeys, enabling businesses to have personalized and interconnected experiences. Marketers leverage it to drive greater ROI and exceptional outcomes by tailoring their strategies to meet customer needs and preferences. Now let’s explore Salesforce Marketing Cloud features and their impact on our business.

What Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a Salesforce software used for email marketing. It helps marketers create and manage successful campaigns and relationships with customers. The platform provides various tools for managing communication channels, data, content, and customer journeys. It automates marketing activities for mobile apps, websites, email, SMS, and social media. 

Investing in Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help organizations bring together their marketing efforts, sending personalized messages to customers at the right time and through the right channels, ensuring a promising future for those who are certified in using this software.

Here are the 5 most important Salesforce Marketing Cloud features

5 most important salesforce marketing cloud features

1. Analytics Builder

  • Analytics Builder empowers you to delve deep into the behaviors and interests of your contacts across various channels. 
  • Utilize behavior insights to establish marketing objectives and fine-tune customer journeys. 
  • With Analytics Builder, you can measure the engagement and performance of your email campaigns, configure dashboard views to visualize data in adaptable tables, charts, and graphs, and track contact behaviors like clicks and purchases using collect. 

Examples: John’s Manager recognized the need for real-time insights into the performance of our campaign, catering specifically to both mobile and email subscribers. In response to this, John has been tasked with creating a dynamic and visually compelling dashboard. This dashboard will provide daily updates on key metrics, allowing our clients to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign seamlessly. By leveraging the power of real-time data, we aim to enhance transparency, demonstrate the impact of our strategies, and foster a deeper understanding of the campaign’s success among our esteemed clients.”

analytics builder

2. Journey Builder

  • A tool that benefits businesses of all sizes who want to improve their customer experience and marketing results can use Marketing Cloud Journey Builder. 
  • These journeys are designed to guide customers through interactions with a brand, triggered by various events like their behavior or preferences. 
  • With Journey Builder, businesses can easily set up automated campaigns consisting of emails, SMS messages, and more, tailored to each customer’s needs.
  • In Journey Builder, marketers use different activities to define the path of the journey and how to communicate with customers. 
  • You can start by setting an Entry Source to specify where customers come from Multi-Step Journeys, Single Send Journey, and Transactional Send Journeys, triggered by specific events like a bank withdrawal and can determine who enters the journey, and Flow Controls, which manage the journey’s logic and progression.

Example: John is a representative of a marketing agency, and he’s preparing a pitch to a potential client who is interested in launching a comprehensive marketing campaign. The client wants to leverage both Email Studio and Mobile Studio through Journey Builder to create a seamless, multi-step communication strategy.

3. Contact Builder

  • Contact Builder plays a prominent role in Salesforce Marketing Cloud which helps any business point to segregate all customer data. 
  • By Using Contact Builder you can build marketing campaigns across various channels, track customer behavior and engagement with the help of the results of your marketing efforts kept by the team and make data-driven decisions to enhance your marketing ROI.
  • Contact Builder gives you a clear overview of each customer, including their contact info, purchase history, preferences, and service interactions. 
  • You can personalize every marketing campaign based on customer needs and provide better service with an extensive range of customer history by analyzing data. 
  • This enables businesses to track all customer interactions with their brand and deliver more customized messages that resonate with customers. 
contact builder

4. Email Studio

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Email Studio is an exceptional enterprise email marketing platform. Marketers can use it to send smart and personalized messages to a large audience. 
  • The platform integrates with commerce, sales, service, and customer communities, creating a consistent customer journey across channels and more advanced segmentation capabilities.
  •  You can share the message with the right people at the right time while getting higher engagement and ROI for your campaigns.
  • Smart marketers understand that simplifying the user experience leads to more conversions and engagements. 
  • Email Studio is used for creating, managing, and optimizing emails with ease. 
  • With the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Email Studio, you can create the Interactive Email Forms feature to embed forms directly into your emails.

Examples: John, a dedicated marketing professional at our esteemed company, is thrilled to share an exciting opportunity with you. Our organization is on the verge of unveiling an innovative line of fitness products designed to elevate the well-being of consumers. To ensure a successful launch, John harnesses the power of Email Studio, a sophisticated marketing tool. His objective is not just to create an email campaign but to craft a compelling narrative that generates excitement, informs your valued customers about upcoming products, and strategically encourages them to make a purchase. Through Email Studio, we aim to deliver a tailored and impactful email campaign that aligns seamlessly with your brand vision and engages your audience effectively. This initiative represents a strategic move to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. We are eager to discuss how this tailored email marketing strategy can elevate your brand’s success.

email studio

5. Mobile Studio

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Mobile Studio is a tool that helps businesses connect with their customers through various mobile channels like SMS, push notifications, and messenger apps.  Mostly recommended by Gartner and Forrester for its effectiveness in mobile marketing. 
  • Mobile Studio allows businesses to manage all of their mobile marketing activities in one place which makes it easier to create campaigns across multiple channels and receive personalized messages based on customer data.
  • Mobile Studio can be used as an automated tool for any kind of business with analytical Insights to track the performance of their mobile marketing campaigns to improve the effectiveness of future campaigns. 
  • Depending on your marketing strategy and customer preferences, you can choose the tools that best fit your needs and understand the marketplace to have a successful business ahead.

Example: John’s company also wants to engage the mobile app users about the new line of fitness products. He created a campaign to generate excitement, inform customers about the new products via Push Notifications and SMS, and encourage them to make a purchase.

mobile studio


We have highlighted specific features such as Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Contact Builder, and Journey Builder to showcase the platform’s capabilities for personalized campaigns, mobile connectivity, customer data organization, and tailored customer journeys. Salesforce Marketing Cloud features extend to other areas that we have not covered in this blog. Once you move to the platform, you will be able to witness the real value it can bring to your business. We are a premium partner for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services, in case you have any questions or problems to solve on Marketing, we are just a message away.

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