9 Best Salesforce cloud products that can make your business successful in 2022

9 Best Salesforce cloud products that can make your business successful in 2022

Salesforce has long been the dominant player in the CRM sector, thanks in large part to its commitment to quality and security. Its unique pricing system, backward compatibility, and tremendous customization capabilities make it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

Salesforce CRM is the first choice of many businesses and offers several products to enhance operations to bring success. Every product has a specific and innovative design and can solve unique requirements to overcome challenges and bottlenecks. 

In this article, we will examine some of Salesforce’s most popular products, what sets them apart, and what features make Salesforce a popular choice for businesses around the world. We will also discuss why Salesforce CRM may be the right option for your business.

  • Sales Cloud 
  • Service Cloud 
  • Marketing Cloud, 
  • Community Cloud
  • Analytics Cloud 
  • Apps Cloud
  • IoT Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Integration Cloud

We have been a Salesforce-certified partner for a decade and fully understand the significance of top Salesforce products as they can transform businesses and add tremendous value to them. In this blog, we discuss Salesforce products, and their features, besides the future possibilities.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the frontrunner in popularity and flagship among the Salesforce products and deals with identifying, selling, and managing prospects and customers to realize the sales objectives. Also, it covers Leads, Contacts, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Price books, Campaigns, and Quotes. It effectively accelerates the Sales Cycle and manages all Leads, Opportunities, and Businesses. It focuses on B2B business and assists in creating a customized Customer Venture. Its hallmark is in providing tailored experiences for all customers and facilitating a fine relationship with them. Finally, it identifies more customers, wins additional transactions quickly, and boosts Conversion Rates by converting high-quality Sales Leads.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud application has the task of supporting every customer, at all times, anywhere. Salesforce Service Cloud enjoys a top ranking in the customer service solution to manage customer cases using features like consoles, communities, collaboration, social service, knowledge bases, and multichannel support. Also, it is of great help in streamlining the Customer Service process and delivering personalized Customer Support. It extensively uses Channels of Email, Live Chat, Phone, and SMS so that the Service Agents can connect and interact with the Customers to know their needs, requirements, feedback, and suggestions. It also automates Workflow, provides quick Solutions to Customers, and takes care of query resolution.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud looks at the vital digital marketing operations of Salesforce. It also has a great demand among the Salesforce products and can create personalized, unique, and effective email communications with the aim of fine customer engagement. There is a focus on marketing Return on Investment. It is possible to build an ideal customer journey and focus on better branding across channels web, mobile, social, and ads channels. Through it, the customers can connect with Sales or Service Cloud, allowing a seamless flow of CRM data. Also, the feature of sending a proper message to the Right Customers at the right time is vital in it. 

Salesforce Community Cloud

The community cloud model brings the cloud computing solution to a few persons and organizations governed and managed commonly by a third-party service provider. Organizations share infrastructure and support a specific community based on common mission, policy, or security requirements considerations. It is possible to create different platforms for Partners, Customers, and Employees to have productive interaction and fine collaboration. It has the feature of creating Portals, Forums, and Websites, smoothly with direct support and integration on the Salesforce Platform. It Integrates data like the orders or financial information from third parties and uses Themes and Templates for a fine Branded Experience.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Data analysis and associated services happen on a public or private cloud in this service model. The business intelligence process is carried out in cooperation with a cloud service provider. Customer Data of Salesforce CRM needs Data Processing and Data Analytics to obtain insights that lead to an improvement in Business. It also helps analyze Medium and Large Scale Companies quickly and efficiently.

Salesforce App Cloud

An Application Cloud application is a collection of development tools that work in the cloud and has a few characteristics of the desktop app and the Web app. The desktop app is a single device placed at the user’s location, whereas the Web app is stored on a remote server. It passes through the Internet to a browser interface. It allows developers to create applications like the AppExchange, to run on the Salesforce platform. 

Salesforce IOT Cloud

IoT is a dynamic Salesforce product that provides several opportunities and is a challenging field in itself. It is a vast network of connected things among people, things, and between two things to make human life smooth and easy. Its focus is on transforming connected devices and obtaining relevant and valuable customer data from devices to make the customer interactions varied, rich and proactive in real-time.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud aims to grow the brand quickly and convert the Leads to Customers. There is a complete view of Inventories, Orders, and customer activities. Also, it combines the purchase experience by interacting with B2C Customers across all touch points and effectively uses AI in all Digital Channels. Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides the best Services and Purchase Experiences by offering a pre-built platform to facilitate Digital Shops, Product Pages, and Campaigns based on AI.

Another feature is the Order Administration which delivers real-time Inventory Data allowing the Merchants to work on both Sales and Services from one place.

Salesforce Integration Cloud 

Salesforce Integration Cloud has the task of using the Services and Tools so that the customers can utilize their data, irrespective of where it is. It can deliver a well-connected Customer Experience across all Channels and Touch points. The Mule soft connections are a vital selling point that caters to link Mainframes, ERP systems, and SaaS applications.


To conclude, we have offered a comprehensive idea of the Salesforce Products and the reasons businesses use Salesforce. Top CRM Tools on the market, Salesforce is a distinct and unique SaaS Application and a top CRM Tool to streamline your Business Operations. We bring apt, best fit, and the finest solutions, and you can connect with our experts to obtain the benefits of the Salesforce products to enhance your business. We have earned a reputation in Salesforce implementation and integration and can meet all your customization needs. We are the ideal partners to unleash the potential of the Salesforce products.

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