Provar Automation Tool: A Guide to Salesforce Automation

prover automation tool a guide to salesforce automation

In the quickly changing world of today, the importance of automating robust and efficient testing in Salesforce applications cannot be ignored. With its easy-to-use solution for testing and verifying Salesforce functionality, the Provar Automation Tool emerges as a major contributor to Salesforce automation. We will go over Provar’s fundamentals and go through a real-world example in this blog, which utilizes Provar to create a Salesforce account.

What is a Provar Automation Tool?

Provar Automation tool is an end-to-end test automation suite with deep functionality for Salesforce features. Provar operates by gaining access to your Salesforce organization’s metadata. This helps you build maintainable tests by avoiding the use of elements that can change in different Salesforce environments, such as field IDs, User IDs, etc. Provar is an expert in testing Salesforce features like Visualforce and Consoles that might be difficult to automate thanks to metadata integration. Provar comes as software you install on a PC or Mac known as Provar Desktop, with an Electron application named Provar Test Builder that lets you build test cases in the browser. It results in creating easily readable test cases that can be understood by your QA team and its stakeholders.

Advantages of Provar Automation Tool

  1. Salesforce-Specific Testing: Provar is designed exclusively for Salesforce and offers specialized assistance for testing Salesforce apps, guaranteeing precise validation of features and components unique to Salesforce like Lightning Web Components, Visualforce pages, and Salesforce Lightning Experience.
  2. Point-and-Click Interface: Provar’s intuitive point-and-click interface makes it simple for both technical and non-technical users to build and maintain test cases, which lowers the learning curve and speeds up the process of creating test cases. Timeouts, synchronization problems, and asynchronous operations are all handled by built-in mechanisms.
  3. Parallel Test Execution: Provar facilitates parallel test execution through Provar Grid, enabling the running of several tests at once. This feature minimizes the duration of the test execution process, speeds up the feedback loop, and improves testing efficiency.
  4. Data-Driven Testing: Provar facilitates data-driven testing, allowing users to run tests with various input values and parameterize test data. This feature makes it possible to test multiple scenarios using different data sources and improves test coverage.
  5. Reusable Components: Provar’s modular approach to test design encourages reusability. Testers can save time and effort in test creation and maintenance by creating reusable page objects, callable test cases or modules that can be used across different test cases.
  6. Cross-browser and Cross-platform Testing: Provar facilitates cross-platform and cross-browser testing, allowing users to confirm that Salesforce apps work properly on various devices, operating systems, and browsers.
  7. Integration Capabilities: Version control systems like Git and well-known CI/CD tools like Jenkins are easily integrated with Provar. Mobile testing and Bugs/Defects reporting are made easy in Provar using BrowserStack, JIRA, and ServiceNow Integration.
  8. Comprehensive Reporting with Apache ANT: Provar creates thorough test reports that provide insights into test outcomes, such as the execution time, error information, and pass/fail status through Apache ANT. This feature makes it easier to analyze test results in-depth and offers practical advice for raising the caliber of applications.
  9. Community Support: Provar provides an abundance of training, support materials, and documentation to help users get the most out of the program and troubleshoot any problems they might run across. Provar users also have an active community where they exchange solutions, advice, and best practices on


Creating a Salesforce Account with Provar Automation Tool:

Imagine the following scenario:

You must automate the process of establishing a new Salesforce account. Let’s use the Provar Automation Tool to guide us through the processes.

1) Launch Provar:

  • Make sure your project is linked to your Salesforce environment by opening Provar Desktop.

2) Create a New Test Case:

Make a new test case in your test suite called “CreateSalesforceAccount.”

new provar test case

3) Design the Test Case:

  • To access the Salesforce account creation page, drag & drop activities. Input the pertinent information.
  • Drag & Drop Test pallet.

4) Run the Test Case:

  • To carry out the “CreateSalesforceAccount” test case, use Provar’s integrated test runner.
create salesforce account
  • Provar will validate the anticipated results by simulating user interactions¬†
e to e account
  • Provar provides the automated Test Run Report with duration, test cases, and test execution summary.
start of test case


Salesforce automation is made easier with the Provar Automation tool, enabling users to develop robust test cases quickly and easily. Provar’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to automate the setup of a Salesforce account, as we’ve shown in our example. Adopting Provar enables businesses to guarantee a flawless user experience, cut down on testing time, and improve the quality of their Salesforce apps. Provar Automation tool enters the Salesforce testing scene as a major participant, providing solutions that enable both technical and non-technical individuals to participate in the testing process when speed and accuracy are crucial.

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